Free Online Workshop for Colorado Springs Area Home Buyers
Know These 3 Things About the Home Buying Process BEFORE Contacting A Real Estate Agent
(...This Could Save You Thousands On Your Next Home Purchase)
With Top Agent Jose Medina
Thursday March 2nd 2017 @ 7pm MST
(This workshop is LIVE and FREE to attend, but seats are extremely limited)
Attend my LIVE workshop and you will learn...
  • * Everything you need to know about the home buying process including an overview of the pre-qualification, costs, closing, inspection, appraisal, and more
  • * The three most common loans in today's market and how you can get down payment assistance to get in a home
  • * The real reason why most agents won't help you if you are not ready to buy now
  • * Why there are programs giving free money right now to home buyers and how you can tap into them to save you money on your home purchase
  • * How to find an agent that works FOR you and has your best interests in mind, rather than seeing you as a dollar sign
  • * And much, much more...
Hi, I'm Jose Medina and I've been serving residents of the Colorado Springs area for the past 10 years. I've helped over 600 people to get their dream homes and I want to help you intelligently and confidently prepare you for buying a home.
And when you attend live, you'll get my books free!
BOOK #1: How to Buy A Brand New Home (Even If You Think You Can't Afford One)
BOOK #2: The Ultimate Guide to Colorado Springs Real Estate (What You Need to Know Before Contacting A Real Estate Agent)
BOTH of my books free -- I'm even paying for shipping!
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